Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first day of school

Another year of preschool is here. Caleb is going 3 days a week for 4yr old preschool this year.  He was excited about school and has had a great first 2 days.  On day one he came home talking about one little girl in particular which he said "she's a girl and she is cute, but not like a baby cute" and on day 2 he cracked me up as he came in the door threw his bookbag down and said "Whew, little Levi....that was a hard day at school." My little man is getting so big!  And sweet Colby is so sad about this whole preschool business. He cries when Caleb leaves (if you look close you may see the tears in the pic below).  And when we go pick Caleb up, he says "my turn to go to school now."  Not yet buddy, stay little please.

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The Doster's said...

Caleb looks so big!!