Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just a few fun pictures from the pool...
Right before Caleb jumps, he says "to infinity and beyond!" and then does it again and again and again....

I didnt actually get a pic of Colby at the pool, but here he is waiting to go to the pool. Despite the bottom lip, he is quite happy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Caleb's Party

We had a little party for Caleb last weekend. A few friends and family...a pool, pizza, and cake. What else do you need? We had such a fun day!

Here are the boys eating pizza (Brooks and Luke G. on the left and Caleb, Luke O., and Matthew on the right)

i love pizza

check out Luke in this picture...too funny!

i love cake!

Being Two

It's hard believe Caleb is two! He is full of energy and full of fun! He talks A LOT and says the funniest things. He LOVES baseball, well any sport with a ball, but especially baseball and even sleeps with his baseball glove. Caleb loves to make Colby laugh and give him wet sloppy kisses. My favorite time of the day is probably bed time when Caleb snuggles and tells you all about whatever is on his mind. He says the sweetest prayers at bedtime too (things like "thank you GOd for daddy and airplanes and cookies"). We love you so much Caleb!