Friday, May 20, 2011


This kid is so funny and so animated.  Here is just a typical night a dinner...he makes these faces all the time and he's got many more!  My sweet Colby will do anything for a good laugh.  Love him!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Here are pictures from Easter (a little late) We needed to take some family photos for our adoption paper work and so we made both sides of the family do the dreaded self timer family photo.  Speaking of adoption paperwork there are about 60 pages on our kitchen table ready to be mailed to our agency. (yeah!) We've done our 1st out of 4 interviews for our homestudy.  We are getting there...
It was sweet this year teaching Caleb about why we celebrate Easter.  We read a book over and over about Easter and Caleb can tell you "jesus died and we were sad, but he didnt stay dead...he's alive!" And my favorite quote from Easter...After Caleb went to sunday school on Easter, he announced "mommy, Jesus died without his shirt on!"

the Rechtzigel's

and the Chandler crew

Bedtime snuggles

Chad and Colby snugging before bedtime... 

This face is his "I'm so stinking cute and I know it" face