Friday, February 3, 2012

Colby's 2!

Ok, so its been like 7 months since I've blogged...two (almost 3) little boys have been keeping me busy.  There have been some major events in the last 7 months which are totally blog worthy and I've slacked, but what better time to start again than a birthday.  Colby is 2 ...almost, tomorrow is his actual birthday, but we celebrated a couple days ago with family and neighbors.  Colby at 2 years old is so fun.  He loves trains, movies (monster inc. being the fav. at the moment), and his big brother.  He slaps his belly when happy, which is quite often.  He answers to Colby, but refers to himself as "Boo-doo" (not too sure where that one came from).  He is laid-back and pretty even-tempered.  If he gets upset, it doesnt last too long.  He love to snuggle and loves to make you laugh.  Lately, he'll talk your ear off if your willing to listen.  
We love our Colby soooooo much!!!!

Colby requested a choo-choo cake