Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cowboy Night

Just a little update from Trail West.  We are still having a great time.  I'm just starting to get used to walking up big hills with all 3 boys (usually carrying Levi and dragging colby behind).  The boys are making lots of friends.  The first group of guests just left and a new crew will come tomorrow.  The pictures below are from the Western Night.  The boys had a big time getting dressed up.  
Levi is getting big..he is 2 months old now! He still sleeps alot, but when hes awake he's very smiley and so so sweet. He hardly cries and his favorite place to be is snuggled up on mommy or daddy's chest.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Trail West

We're in Colorado! One of the really great perks of Young Life staff is assignment, where you go and work at a YoungLife camp for a month.  We are at Trail West and are loving it so far.  Chad is summer staff boss- working with the college kids that came to volunteer.  Its gorgeous here, the boys love it! They have rocks and sticks and dirt and mountains and are in little boy heaven.  They also love all the attention the workcrew and summer staff give them.  They have Caleb convinced he is the strongest little boy ever and Colby convinced he is the cutest.  I love watching other people love on my boys. And little Levi has been the BEST baby ever.  He just goes wherever we go, sleeps wherever, and is so stinking cute.  

 The boys at Ranch Cabello

 Boys love tractors

 This is Levi's ride for the month

 This is right outside of the door to the room where we are staying.

this little cutie is 8 weeks old!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pool baby

We decided it was time for Levi to take his first plunge in the swimming pool.  I didnt think he would like it, but I was wrong. He was very content.  Good thing since his big brothers have us at the pool every chance they get!

6 week comparision

Here are pictures of all 3 boys at 6 weeks old. What do you think? 



Monday, June 18, 2012

Aunt Anna

Chad went out of town for 9 days to Frontier Ranch (and had an awesome week at camp) and while he was gone aunt Anna came to visit.  She got to meet her newest nephew and she was a huge help in taking care of the boys.  We had a really fun week and we all missed her when she left!


Here is Levi at 5 weeks with one of his first smiles I was able to get a photo of.  That sweet little smile just melts my heart!

Happy Birthday Caleb

We have a 4 year old! When Caleb woke up on his birthday, I said Caleb did you remember today is your birthday? He looked himself up and down and said but mommy I didnt grow.  And after a little thought, he said I think I can run really fast now that I'm four.  To celebrate, we went to Catch Air, ate lunch at a japanese restaurant, and got ice cream.  At 4 years old, Caleb's is so much fun. His imagination is huge and he loves to play hard.  A few of his favorite things are swimming, playgrounds, and fishing with his daddy. Caleb likes to be in control and makes a great big brother.  He still loves to snuggle and loves a good back scratch. We love you so much Caleb!

Monday, June 11, 2012

1 month

Time with this little guy just flies by! Levi is one month and getting so big (i dont know exactly how big b/c we haven't weighed him, but the rolls are coming). And I may be a little biased but I think I have the strongest babies ever, seriously, is a 4 week old supposed to be able to lift up like this??? And the faces, oh, the silly faces.  You make us smile and laugh and fill our hearts with joy little Levi!

Brittanys wedding

Chad's little sister, Brittany, got married over memorial day weekend.  The wedding was beautiful and everything went perfect.  She had the four CUTEST little ring bearers (caleb colby brooks & hatcher) who did exactly what they were supposed to and little Levi slept though the whole thing.  It was such a fun day, though it is still hard to believe Brittany is married!


Please look at the size of the eyelashes on this kid.  
People are always commented on how long and pretty his eyelashes are.


I love this picture of my big boys. I am so thankful these two are the best of friends!

3 weeks old

3 year old preschool

Caleb has finished his first year of preschool.  He has loved going to school twice a week. He made some great friends and learned alot.  Here are pictures of him on the first and last day of preschool. he grew so much! 
August 2011- first day of preschool

May 2012- last day of preschool

Mothers Day 2012

Since it was mothers day I asked Chad to take of picture of me and the 3 little munchkins that made me a mom... and it totally cracks me up.  Colby is making a Colby face (that's his say cheese face).  Caleb is wearing the spiderman costume his cousin Brooks lent him (he wore it all night and refered to himself as only as spiderman) and sweet little Levi is shooting the camera a bird.  Oh the joys of being a mom to 3 boys! Love them!

C'mon Mom

Love this picture of my little peanut.  We were having a photo shoot and he was seriously done.

Fuzzy Head

I feel like these pics show off Levi's little bit of fuzzy hair (since its all gone now I want to document that he was born with a little bit!)  I can't wait to see what color his hair is going to be.


So far going from a family of 4 to a family of 5 has been pretty smooth.  We all just love this little guy sooo much. The big boys have been great so far.  Caleb is so sweet to him and Colbly talks about his "Yee- Bye" all the time.  I hope all this brotherly love lasts a while! 

Pile of Boys

Sweet big brother

 Holding his "Yee-Bye"

my 2 year old and 2 day old

11 days old