Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Do's

We made our first trip to the barber shop this week (uncle josh has done it up until now).  Both boys were fabulous and sat so still...really surprised us.  Both haircuts were free too (Kennesaw Barber does baby's first haircut for free!) And just a little disclaimer, though the boys were definitely in need of haircuts, the way the ladies combed their hair for the before pictures is a little ridiculous. i didnt do it like that! 





Monday, March 14, 2011

just because

took these pictures yesterday and thought they were fun...

feel like this picture pretty much describes our life

just being sweet

Just look at those big baby blues! He looks so sweet, but I'm pretty sure he is trying to figure out how to get away with something naughty...I also love that he's got a bruised forehead and sweaty hair...gotta love boys!


When you Pop is a retired firefighter you get to do special things.  Caleb and his buddy Luke got go to the fire department and touch and feel everything and run wild....a  dream come true for a 2 year old boy.  These two had a blast  checking everything out.  And just before we left, the firefighters got a real call and we watched the truck turn on its lights and drive away. So fun!

two little boys and a big truck
Luke and Caleb
driving the truck
wearing a the helmet
Pop & Caleb
Colby liked it too!