Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

Buzz Lightyear costume - $5 = hours of entertainment (please excuse the sideways video. can't figure out how to rotate it. anyone know? just tilt your head to the left and enjoy!) Caleb the other day wouldn't answer to his name and would look at us and say "It's Buzz"

Wooden rocking chair - $3 plus a $2 tube of paint...
Love it...i've been wanting to find an old kids chair to paint a bright fun color to make an interesting place to plop them for pictures and here you go.
Super lucky day at the yard sales for me!

Brotherly Love

just about every morning, caleb likes to watch about 15 minutes of a movie on our bed while he eats cheerios and drink his milk. lately, he has been including colby in his morning ritual. it is the sweetest thing. he is still calm this early in the morning and they are so sweet to each other. caleb wathces his movie and colby watches caleb...here are just a few pics of the past couple of mornings.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Hatcher

Hatcher Charlton Chandler is here!
Hatcher was born July 6th. We are so excited to have a new nephew/cousin. He is so little and sweet. Caleb has already given him his first nickname, he calls him "Patch."

Five Months

Colby is 5 months old and getting so big so fast! He went to the doctor this week (for pink eye) and weighed 17.2 lbs! He has started solid foods and rolls over like a champ. He is a really good and happy boy.
Playing with Daddy at his first Braves game

Being sweet on mama

One of his favorite things to do is sleep in his swing

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Playing with Cade

A couple weeks ago when Chad was gone for a long 10 days to Colorado, the boys and I went to spend some time with a dear friend of mine, Shilo and her adorable little boy, Cade. Here are a few sweet pics Shilo sent me of the boys playing...

Caleb LOVED Mr. Matt's boat

Bathtime is always more fun with friends

Caleb playing cowboy

Sweet Colby had fun too!