Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's Walking

Caleb is officially a walker! He's been working at it a while....he took his first step on the day he turned 8 months. Since then he's just gotten braver and steadier and for the last week he has been doing really good. Here's my little guy in action, and yes, that is baby Luke he trips over in the end.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sweetest Boy

Seriously, could he be any sweeter????

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costa Rica

We just returned from an amazing week in Costa Rica. We went with a group of Young Life leaders to do mission work in the town of Alajuela. We stayed in the home of a Costan Rican family who were wonderful to us. Part of our group worked to rebuild a house with major earthquake damage, while the other part worked at a local park to restore a basketball/futbol court in a community where Vida Joven is trying to start a club. Grammy came with us to take care of Caleb while we worked. Caleb was amazing. We were nervous about bringing him, but God truly prepared our way and things couldn't of gone better. He loved all the attention from our leaders and the Ticos (costa ricans). The Ticos all commented on his white skin and blue eyes. Caleb made many friends in the park who came to see him each day. He learned to say "hola" (actually o-lalalalala ) and he even got a little tan. Here are a few pics from the week...
Here is Caleb with one of his Tico friends, Esteban.

Here are Grammy and Caleb hanging out in the park, which they did every day from 8-4.

Caleb and Daddy are hiding under a huge leaf called an Indian umbrella
Here is Caleb with Jose, Nela, and Natalia (part of the family we stayed with). Caleb loved the Pacheco family and bonded especially with Jose who held him and played with him every morning while he cooked breakfast.