Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Adoption Process

Since I blogged about it last, we have offically been approved by Gladney (our adoption agency), finished our homestudy, been pyschologically evaluated (we're sane), been fingerprinted twice, and completed a mound of paperwork, gotten documents signed notarized, corrected, and done again.  We are getting to the end of the paperwork phase.  We are now gathering the last few documents for our dossier (the paperwork that goes to Honduras) and we are waiting on an approval letter from CIS (citizen immigration services). Once the approval letter comes, then we will go to Honduran consulate and receive the last document for dossier which will then go to Honduras and then we will breathe a huge sigh of relief.  Are you still with me? Hopefully these last steps will happen in a timely manner, so our physicals and various letters do not expire and have to be redone.  We are making progress though, and that is good.  
In, the meantime we are thinking and praying for our little girl who may or may not already be born.  I also have done a little shopping to help with all this waiting.  Oh man is little girl stuff fun to shop for! I've done good though, I've mostly shopped garage sales.  I got this smocked Strausburg dress for $1 and that adorable dollhouse for $10.  And until we bring our little girl home, buzz lightyear and batman have been putting that dollhouse to good use!

Friday, July 1, 2011


just love this picture of my little Colbs