Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Little monkeys

These little monkeys had so much fun jumping on the bed yesterday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cowboy Colby

Caleb was at Gigi's this morning and so I had fun dressing up Colby in Caleb's cowboy hat and boots and took a few pics. Sweet Colby is so much fun, just smiles and snuggles always. He's been scooting around the last week or so and during our little photo shoot he got on all four and took his first little crawling step. I would post the picture, but there may be dangling parts. Lesson learned...if you want your baby to crawl, get him naked and put cowboy boots on him.

Game Day

It was an exciting day in our house Saturday...Chad got Caleb so excited about football. We started the day at home Depot making a football holder and then the rest of the day was spent watching football on TV. oH Boy

Sharptop Cove

The boys and I went along with Chad to his staff conference at Sharptop Cove last weekend. We just love being at Sharptop and had a great time. A few memorable moments....

Fishing with Daddy

Caught one!

Colby a big fan of the swing

Hatcher and Colby

Taking a bath...this very well may be his last bath in the sink