Friday, July 27, 2012

farewell colorado

Well, we are back in Georgia.  We had a great month at Trail West but it is always sweet to be home again.  We loved being at a family camp and watching families spend time together and hear the gospel. We loved being with other YL staffers too.  Assignments create such a sweet community and we will miss that.  The boys made many friends, had so much fun, and got lotsa love and attention. Here are some pictures from out last week...

View from top of our hike (Cottonwood Pass)

western night

At the top of the mountain

the boys

Levi's first hike was a 14,500 ft. mountain

Sweet Colb

C on the back porch

                                         Caleb just LOVED this sweet little girl Leigh

Caleb & Leigh..these two held hands for most of this night and called each other "cowboy" &"cowgirl"

Caleb loved Libby too.  If I couldnt find Caleb, there was a good chance he was where ever she was :) 

Colby & Hannah

Levi got lotsa love too!

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